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Top Business Podcasts for Entrepreneurs

Top Business Podcasts for Entrepreneurs: 7 Top Inspiring Business Podcasts for Entrepreneurs

Since COVID-19, does it seem like you spend most of your time learning something new? Do you find yourself pursuing personal and professional development? I bet I am not the only one who noticed it. I love tuning in to inspiring business podcasts to learn a thing or two. Listening to business podcasts is one of my favourite ways to learn something new – I listen to podcasts while I’m in the shower. When I’m cooking, or in the car rides. It’s such a versatile medium that can allow for a bit of multitasking while learning new things and getting inspired Below, you will find a list of my top business podcasts I enjoy listening to.



Yes, her name does sound familiar. You may know Barbara Corcoran as a Shark on Shark Tank. Still, her journey as a successful business-woman began with a $1000 loan. She grew her real-estate brokerage firm into a $5 billion business – yes, BILLION. describes her as an icon. Barbara’s podcast Business Unusual helps listeners grow their companies or careers. She has an awesome approach to making callers feel important and provides invaluable information that you can put to use yourself. Prefer to learn from straight talks and actionable tips all within 8 to 20 minutes? Check out her podcast.


Oh – one of my fave, fave, fave! This is a great podcast for a long car ride. Guy Raz is a host, co-host and editorial director of three programs on National Public Radio. Ted Radio Hour, How I Built This, and WOW IN THE WORLD – the first podcast for kids. Out of these three podcasts – How I Built This stands out for me. How I Built This narrates the journeys of startups, entrepreneurs, innovators and idealists. Invited guests tell their stories – from ground zero. You get to learn from their obstacles, their 1st Dollar, successes and recognitions. Their stories confirm you are not alone in your struggles. And, you can always learn from them and apply them to your business.


Tim Ferriss, the 4 Hour Guy – is an early-stage Technology Investor and Business Advisor. A New York Times Best Selling Author and according to The Observer ‘The Oprah of Audio.’ The Tim Ferriss Show deconstructs world-class performers from wide-ranging areas. Tim, the human experimental guru, is passionate about helping people optimize their time and well being. He interviews successful profiles to extract routines, tactics, and tools listeners can use. Honourable mention goes to his other short-form podcast Tools of Titans – this show highlights short life advice from the best in the world.


Entrepreneurs on Fire by John Lee Dumas. John interviews successful entrepreneurs to FIRE UP listeners on their entrepreneurial journey. This podcast delivers actionable strategies and inspirations to help the listener achieve their goals. John Lee Dumas is passionate about helping his listener create and live their dream life.


Ever heard of Amy Porterfield? Amy is my go-to gal for insights on online marketing. Psst, that’s a top open secret. Online Marketing Made Easy helps listeners use online marketing to start, upscale or automate their online business. Amy interviews experts and delivers mini execution plans to help listeners achieve their online marketing goals. If starting an online business is your gig, this is the podcast to follow. You will be able to make sense of online marketing, apply strategies and get results that last.


The BizChix Podcast by Natalie Eckdahl helps high performing women build, grow, scale their business, and avoid burning out. Natalie Eckdahl is a Business Strategist, a High-Performance Coach and a Mother of 3 children. So she walks the talk as a high performing woman. On BizChix, Natalie interviews industry influencers to help her listeners and clients grow their business.


This list can’t be complete without Startup Canada. Startup Canada is the voice of Canada’s entrepreneurs. Startup Canada promotes, inspires, educates, connects and gives a voice to Canada’s entrepreneurs. Startup Canada supports Canadian entrepreneurs to start, operate and scale businesses. Startup Canada Podcasts has three sections. Startup Podcast for Every Entrepreneur, Thrive Podcast for Women Entrepreneurs and Startup Finance Podcast with Dr. Sean Wise. Startup Canada podcasts explore personal life stories, tangible financial lessons, and helpful resources.

Wow, what a list!!!

I bet you’re thinking – why, when and where do I have the time to listen to these business podcasts? Well, the best thing you can do as an entrepreneur is to be open and willing to learn. Learning from people who walked in your shoes saves you the pain and time of doing it alone.

What would it cost you to spare a few minutes of your time to learn from successful entrepreneurs?  

You could block out between 30 to 60 minutes a day to learn something new. Each knowledge you get fosters your resilience to strive forward. Remember our 7 superpowers as Immigrants? Entrepreneurs need to be resilient, flexible and adaptable to succeed. Make out time to learn and grow as an immigrant, entrepreneur and builder – taking public transit? Stick those headphones on and listen up.

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