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The Gift of Giving in Business

The Gift of Giving in Business: Giving to Your Customers Grows Your Bottom Line

The Customer is King/Queen and the season of Thanksgiving is around the corner – October 12 in Canada! How thankful are you to your customers? I know this term – Customer is King/Queen is cliche, but you need to keep this in mind as an entrepreneur. In general, the term ‘Gift of Giving in Business’ is not ideal for most business environments. Yet, as an entrepreneur – your bottom-line benefits from giving to your customers. As a business owner, you are in business to provide a solution to your ideal customer. In business, Giving = Profit. How does the gift of giving in business apply to your bottom line?

First, you need to remember why you decided to start a business. Did you go into business because it was a means of making money? Or, did you create one to make people feel better than when they met you? I had no clue about owning a pet retail store in my first business, but my love and passion to help pet owners and their animals were the deciding factor of going into business in the first place. Giving great customer service and going above and beyond to create a community with my customers became second nature – and it showed on my balance sheet.


I don’t mean to discredit the common practice of buy two get one free; I’m not referring to that in this context. To give in business means to serve your customers. Your business must show your customers how you intend to help them solve a problem. It could be a daycare, a food business, a consulting firm, landscape, gardening – anything. But, your ‘Why’ you are in business separates you from others in your industry.

I love the story of a fellow Immpreneur – Tareq Hadhad, founder of PeacebyChocolate. Tareq uses his story and his business to enlighten his customers on the value of peace through chocolate. Who knew you could bring peace through chocolate?

The gift of giving in business helps your tribe get you. To know you, know your customer’s pain while delivering on your promise. By doing so, your customers will feel your passion reflected in your service delivery. This way, they know you have their back in providing a specific need. Please note, you cannot and will never please everyone, however, how you give, attracts who is willing to receive.


  • What is the pain point of your ideal customer?
  • What problem are you solving for them?
  • Where is your ideal customer – online or on foot traffic?
  • How can your ideal customer access you with ease?

Create opportunities with your customers – meet them where they are (Online? Where exactly – Instagram? Facebook?). In getting to know them and them getting to know you, you become more of a person than a business.

Strive to give them something of value when they least expect it: going above and beyond a cash transaction. Especially if you start as a small business owner. This strategy keeps you top of mind in your customer’s journey. They become your ambassador of some sort and refer you to friends and family in their network. Yes, the art of giving means to add value to your customers and it grows your business network.

Your customer is King/Queen and key for business growth. To succeed, you must learn to understand how you can help make their experience better. Remember, you are in business to help solve a problem.

What are you giving your customers this month of Thanksgiving? Yes, I asked this month – go the extra mile to make someone happy for the entire month of October. We all need a little love especially now.

As part of my gift of giving, download the checklist below. This checklist will guide you on starting a business if you’re creating one. Or shows you what you need to check off if you have started a business.

Happy Thanksgiving, and thank you for being a part of our community.

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