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Build a Relationship with your Customer

The Benefits of Customer Relationship: Why you should focus on getting to know your end user

Can I ask you a sincere question? And, I’ll appreciate you pause to give an honest response. Why are you in business? Why do you want to be an Entrepreneur? Whatever your response – there is no right or wrong answer. As a business owner, you are first a problem-solver, and you solve your customer’s problem. Right? How then do you learn to solve this problem? That’s one of the reasons you should build a relationship with your customer even before you launch.

With the Gift of Giving and Beta Testing, I am sure you’ve noticed a trend with my previous blogs. Your Customer is Why You’re in Business. Your business idea could be exceptional. Or, you’re the next successful immigrant-owned business like Shopify, Paramount Fine Foods, Gabriela Moreno and Off the Wood. Growing your business without input from who you intend to serve is self-sabotage. With beta-testing, you open a channel to connect with your ideal customer. Your ideal customer is that one person you have in mind when solving their problem. But, does this relationship have to end here?


Let’s cut the B.S. You are in business to make money, increase your income, gain financial freedom and all. All the reasons mentioned do not matter if you do not have a relationship with your customer. To build a relationship with your customer does not mean you should hold a town hall meeting every day. Let’s start by building genuine relationships through conversations, in-person and online.

How can you build this relationship? Social media puts us at the driver seat and gives us a direct way to connect with our clients – it’s never been easier to grow your relationship on a social media platform like Instagram or your website through thoughtful content such as THIS blog (*wink wink*) and even an email newsletter.

Conversations must be intentional and add value. Adding value encourages your prospect to engage with you and look forward to what you have to offer. In return, you learn how to best solve their problems relevant to your business.



  • Your customers get to know you – what you stand for and why you serve them.
  • You get to know your customers firsthand – understand and speak in their lingua. You know their pain.
  • You can learn where you need to improve.
  • You can close the gap between what they think you offer and what you provide.
  • You show your customer how best they use your business product or service to their benefits.
  • You can develop ideas from what your audience says: comments, complaints or requests on your website, Instagram or other social media platforms.
  • Most importantly: you become a human being – people buy from people. People buy from those they know and trust. The more you build the relationship, the stronger the loyalty will become.


You may have started your business, and it wowed your customer. But, your customers’ needs evolve, and so should your business.

For instance, your ideal customer’s need was to buy natural cosmetics products. As your business met her condition, her challenge shifted to another area of focus. The same customer is now interested in making her skin feel youthful as she grows.

Would you cast your once satisfied customer aside? Or, would you go ‘Hmm, this might be an opportunity to scale, introduce something new and capture a new audience. And scale up my business or revamp my business idea and approach? I could show my customer the benefits of using my products that deliver long-lasting natural beauty results.’

With each comment or feedback – online or in-person, you close the gap between you and your tribe. I love how Kat Gaskin, the Founder and Owner of The Content Planner, puts it – ‘Community feedback now is gold.’

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