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Black-Owned Businesses in Canada

Black-Owned Businesses in Canada: Supporting our Local Partners in Business

If you’re like me, I bet you can’t wait to celebrate the end of this year, 2020. It started as a promising year with a high note, only to fall from a global pandemic, economic challenges, police brutality and more. These events led to movements like the #blacklivesmatter and #endpolicebrutality that changed the world. The world woke up to focus on what matters. Helping each other grow. My passion is to help immigrants become successful entrepreneurs in Canada. And, this coming Friday, I invite you to join us in supporting black-owned businesses in Canada. Not because it is Black Friday, but because these are local businesses like yours.

BLACK FRIDAY is a shopping day for many reasons. My favourite is – it is the unofficial announcement of Christmas. A time for cheers and care, supporting loved ones and people in need. Unfortunately, people look forward to this day to shop from major international brands. As locals, I invite you to shop local and support black-owned businesses across Canada.

In an interview with CBC, Andria Barrett, President of the Canadian Black Chamber of Commerce, says – “We are your neighbours, and we’re also your business partners.” I could not have said it any better myself. She goes further to point out that “People are more intentional, asking more questions.”

Rachael-Lea Rickards, the Real Talk Candles owner, is hopeful that black-owned businesses’ growth will go beyond the hashtag Black Lives Matter. And will lead to a long-term change in Canada.

Shopping local and supporting black-owned businesses grows the Canadian economy. This growth develops a balanced ecosystem for future entrepreneurs and immigrants like you.

Below, you will find a file with a list of black-owned businesses across Ontario (no e-mail required). You get to enjoy and experience different things with one click from the comfort of your home.

From Ethiopia to Nigeria in the Food and Beverages, you’ll explore African cuisines at the click of a button. You’ll sail the Caribbean seas and spices from your home. In the Health, Wellness and Beauty, you get to bask in the aromatic therapeutic scented oils, baths and candles. In Handmade, Clothing and Gifts, you explore the beauty of African Inspired decors.

You can partner with someone in Services, Photography and Creative Agencies to create something unique. Check out the list and learn more about our neighbours and partners.  

If you know any more that I’m missing, feel free to let me know below and link to their business website!

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